Guiding Sellers & Buyers Through Life’s Transitions.

Guiding Sellers & Buyers Through Life’s Transitions.

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How Real Estate Commissions Are Paid

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, there are always various costs involved. Depending on your role (buyer or seller,) you’ll have certain closing costs and fees, and may also have costs for things like inspections. One cost a seller in California will always see on their closing sheet is agent commissions. But do you really understand what commissions cover, how they’re paid and how commission fees are achieved? Most people don’t, so let’s take a deep dive into commissions.

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Why Negotiating Matters

A home is most likely the largest financial investment that you have in your portfolio so when you’re selling, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest possible price. Conversely, if you’re buying you want that to be the best possible price. But there’s a lot more to negotiate in a real estate deal than just price, which is why it’s important to have a master negotiator on your side so you ensure you’re getting all you can out of the transaction.

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All About Off-Market Homes

Off-Market Homes

You may have heard about buying or selling a home ‘off-market,’ but what does that actually mean? An off-market home is a property that is for sale but not made available to the general public through the multiple listing services (MLS). It may also be referred to as a “pocket listing”.

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What Clients Are Saying...

Sally's knowledge of the market is off the chart! Most importantly, she truly thinks for the client and never rushes to a decision. I highly recommend Sally to anyone who needs a realtor!

Emma Y.

Sally has a very intimate knowledge of the Peninsula. She had good resources for items that needed to be addressed in a short timeframe, which helped with the sale of the house.

Dan G.

Sally was instrumental in helping our family through a tough transition. She was very thoughtful and thorough, expertly guiding us through the process of preparing our home for sale through a successful close of escrow. Sally offered great advice on the most important improvements we could make to our home, understanding we had a limited budget. The improvements paid off and we sold our house for well over asking.

Michele G.

Sally is very easy to work with and understands that you are dealing with a family and not just the sale of a house. Our father recently passed away which is why we sold the house. Sally knew from personal experience just how hard this transition was for all of us.

Rob N.

In my opinion, Sally is the best local agent for anyone buying or selling in Atherton, Menlo Park or mid-Peninsula. She notices small details that other agents miss, and knows what work needs to be done. Sally knows the landscape of the market and local neighborhoods really well, which works to everyone's advantage.

Michelle B.

In a process that is often intimidating or overwhelming, Sally offers a grounded, focused, “client first” approach and empathetic sense of humor. Her professional guidance instills confidence, and her ability to connect on a personal level builds trust and relationships.

Pamela B.

The attributes of a game changing Real Estate Agent are clear communication, transactional expertise and a strong ethos of service. Sally exhibits these qualities and beyond. A true trusted advocate.

John B.

Sally is a rare find among real estate agents because she centers her efforts around her clients. She listens, she’s careful, and she’s diligent to make sure her clients find the right home or buyer. Many agents try to “make deals happen” which doesn’t always work. Sally stays the course to make sure her clients are 100% satisfied.

Kevin W.

Sally has a wonderful ability to connect with all different kinds of people and to see both sides of a situation. I continue to be impressed by her warmth, integrity and conscientiousness.

Claire S.