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Clearlake, CA

Clearlake Bay Area Lifestyle

Recently, I headed to Clearlake for a camping trip with my son Jackson. We love to get out and experience the awesome nature that’s at our disposal around the Bay Area, and this was a new stop for us both.

Tagging along was our added bonus – my cousin’s son Austin from Indiana (I call him my nephew who isn’t my nephew because identifying family relations can be hard). It was Austin’s first true camping trip and we were so happy to share it with him – even if we chuckled at his marveling at lizards and wildlife!

Clearlake tubing Bay Area Lifestyle

The Clearlake State Park was fantastic for camping. A clean, well kept campground with super friendly rangers and good access to the lake.

The boys loved hanging out in the lake (it was HOT ? while we were there,) riding their bikes and getting in a little fishing ?. Without a doubt, our most fun experience was renting a ski boat and getting out on the lake. It was great to see the different areas of the lake, to drag the boys around on the tube, and to cool down and relax a bit.

Clearlake Fishing

I enjoyed being with the boys, but also just hanging out at our campsite and reading. The views were spectacular, especially with the vineyards around the lake. I previously had no idea how many vineyards there were in Lake County! (Over 9,000 acres, just so you know.)

Clearlake Vineyards

A few facts about Clearlake:

  • The largest natural freshwater lake in California
  • 68 square miles with 100+ miles of shoreline
  • The oldest lake in North America – 480,000 years old
  • Known as the “Bass Capital of the West”
  • To reserve a campsite, visit Reserve California

If you haven’t been before, I highly recommend it. You don’t have to camp, you can be more luxurious, but Clearlake is definitely a great, short road trip to take!

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