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Day of Service San Carlos

This Sunday, September 23rd, is the annual Day of Service in San Carlos. This is a fantastic event where there are multiple opportunities for people to help out their neighbors and the community.  You can learn more about the volunteer opportunities at the Day of Service website.

Historically, community service was a regular part of people’s lives. Communities would regularly come together to help with beautification programs or building projects. To help a neighbor who might have fallen on hard times or to help the local school. As the world has gotten busier, and a bit more isolated by technology, the regularity of these programs has fallen off. But San Carlos, The City of Good Living, has been striving to bring back this “all for one” sense of community.

There are a multitude of projects being offered this year in San Carlos.  Volunteers can join me in cleaning up Central Middle School. We’ll be planting trees that Mr. Domer, the principal, has been asking for to bring much needed shade to the Quad area where the kids eat.  

The San Carlos Children’s Theater has been around since 1990 and offers opportunities for kids in the area to take theater classes and perform in plays such as Mamma Mia and James and the Giant Peach. For the Day of Service, volunteers can help to organize the costume closet and help get the troop ready for the new season.

Recently, the San Carlos Youth Center has undergone an extensive renovation of the building and interior features. For the Day of Service, they are seeking volunteers who can help to beautify the exterior with new plantings and decor.  The Youth Center provides outstanding programs for the youth of San Carlos, from after-school drop in for ages 10+ to sports programs and dances.

Keeping downtown San Carlos beautiful is a benefit to the entire community and to those who come to visit. The San Carlos Garden Club will be working with volunteers to replant the hanging baskets along Laurel Street.  The Garden Club was started in 1937 and runs various programs in the city, including the Casa de Flores facility, which is available for rent by residents.

These highlight just a few of the wonderful opportunities that are available for volunteer work this Sunday, so please visit the Day of Service site and find the projects that will work best for you. Be a part of your community, get out and mingle with your neighbors and meet new ones. It’s a great way to give back.


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