Emergency Preparedness: Lessons Learned From an Evacuation

Emergency Preparedness TipsA couple of weeks ago, my sister had to evacuate her home. At 2 in the morning.  The Woolsey Fire had jumped the 101 right down the street from her family’s home, and it was time to get out. I’m happy to say that in the end, after 5 days of evacuation, they and their home were just fine. But there were a lot of emergency preparedness lessons learned during this time that are worthy of sharing.Read More

Driver Safety – On The Road Again

driver safetyWhen my Dad was in rehab after open heart surgery, one of his biggest questions was “when can I drive again?”  It struck me that, with everything else he had going on, getting back behind the wheel was practically his top priority. Why? Because driving equals independence and freedom. Remember when you first got your license and you would go for long drives without much purpose, just to be out on the road? The possibilities were infinite!Read More