4th of July – The Hula-Hoop Connection

Real Estate SearchGrowing up in the small Menlo Park neighborhood of Felton Gables, 4th of July was a big deal.  A really big deal! We had the greatest neighborhood party – all the kids would gather at our house to make homemade ice cream, then run home to decorate themselves and their bikes for the parade.  We had face painting, games, hula-hoop competitions and neighbors coming together to support each other, cook for each other and celebrate our country and our neighborhood. It goes without saying that 1976 was the biggest one of them all.

It was pretty idyllic.


Every 4th of July, my mind drifts back to those days and those parties. I think about the great community I grew up in and what it felt like to have that community and know it was home.

This 4th of July, I’ll be spending part of my day holding an open house, hopefully helping someone else to find their community and place of belonging.  When it comes down to it, where you live is pretty important. It’s not about zip codes or certain blocks of certain streets. The most important thing is that it just needs to feel “right” for you, not for anyone else.  You need to be able to see yourself in that space and have that “ahh” moment where you just relax and it feels like home (even if none of your stuff is there yet).

The next time you’re out house-hunting, ask yourself these few questions:

  • Am I comfortable here?
  • Does it feel not too big or too small, but just right?
  • Does the neighboring area bring me peace?
  • Can I envision myself living here happily?

Yes, yes, those are all very new-age types of questions, but these are the things that really matter when you’re considering where to move to.  And, obviously, if the answer to any of the questions above is anything but a resounding “yes,” you should keep on looking.

It’s these intangibles, these feelings, that are really hard to convey to real estate professionals that you are working with.  You might feel silly talking about these feelings or trying to explain them, but don’t let that stop you. The only way you’re going to find the right fit for you is by sharing what makes you feel connected.

The odds are that if you find a property where you get that feeling of connectedness, the neighbors around you likely have that same feeling.  It’s these shared feelings that build the foundations of great communities. And before you know it, you may be having your own neighborhood hula-hooping competitions on the 4th of July.  


Happy Independence Day, everyone!

4th of July Open House


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